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Hello, you ask who I am, the easy answer is a boy from The Midwest who moved here with a dream, but isn’t that most people who have passion for what they do, their story.

In fact, my mom and I took the leap together and moved here from Chicago. She came to help support what my heart always desired, the love for performing.

When I was younger, martial arts taught me a discipline I won’t soon forget, But what I learned was so much more. I was destined to do something great. No matter what people’s opinion, I knew that I was different. You see when we are born, we are, with one heart, and what we choose to do with it will leave a lasting impression long after I’m gone.

So my hope is to inspire by just being me and doing the best that I can.  I may make mistakes along the way but don’t we all. As long as I keep learning, growing and showing another person, maybe even you reading this, that I walk in the love of what I was born to do. I hope someday to inspire you too.

My name is Josh Killacky. I am 21 years old and I have a passion to live life, learn from it and and enjoy it every step of the way. Hopefully you will join me on my journey.
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As you can see drinking Starbucks may cause you to talk for over 18 mins LOL.


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